Ting & Phil | Mandarin Oriental | Las Vegas, Nevada

Ting and Phil | 04.30.11 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

She made sure her makeup was waterproof, because she knew she would need it to be. Sure enough, the day started with many quiet, beautiful moments in which Ting would fight back tears– when Phil gave her a surprise gift with a beautifully written notecard, and when her mother gave her a gift from her grandmother, who had passed. But as always with Ting and Phil, the quiet, poignant moments were quickly punctuated with laughter and Ting’s signature smile– the sweetest smile with a crinkled nose and that adorable grin.

It was a beautiful, if windy, day. Ting and Phil were married at the Mandarin Oriental hotel surrounded by Las Vegas’ beautiful new City Center. If you watch closely, you’ll notice that Ting gets to wear three amazing dresses on her wedding day– the first two gifts from her maid of honor Mimi– and the third a beautiful traditional dress. And of course, Phil looks very handsome himself with two different suits to match.

This video was shot by Kevin Yau and Anna Wu, and we were assisted by Jenny Yau. It was edited by Kevin Yau. Also, many thanks go to Clara C for allowing us to use her song “Heartstrings.”

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, Nevada
Photographer: Jeramie Shoda, Shoda Love, Seattle, Washington
DJ: D.J. Patrick, The Music Solution, Las Vegas, Nevada
Catering & Cake: provided by the venue
Flowers: DIY by the bride’s mother

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