Stefanie & Andrew | Cinnabar Hills, San Jose Wedding Videography

These two met while playing trampoline dodgeball! Hear more of their story and their vows to each other in their beautiful Cinnabar Hills wedding film. And don’t miss the part where Andrew does the full splits in their first dance too.

Stefanie & Andrew | San Jose Wedding Videography from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:

Videographer: Seaglass Cinema
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography
Venue: Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, San Jose, CA
Hair & Makeup: Susie Chhuor
Florist: Poppy’s Petalworks
Dress: Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Weddington Way
DJ: Kevin Combs
Cake: Cake Expressions
Donuts: Harvey’s Donuts

Pauline & Justin | Presidio, San Francisco Wedding Videography

Pauline and Justin were wed on a beautifully sunny day in San Francisco, surrounded by family and friends. The day was an absolutely perfect blend of tears (25%) and laughter (75%), as this East Coast transplant and San Francisco native tied the knot.

Pauline & Justin | San Francisco Wedding Videography from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:

Videographer: Seaglass Cinema
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography
Venue: Observation Post at the Presidio, San Francisco
Hair & Makeup: Prettyologie
Bridesmaids’ Hair & Makeup: Quyen Artistry
Florist: Poppy’s Petalworks
Catering: Catering by Dana
Dress: Monique Lhullier
DJ: Big Fun DJs
Wedding Cake: The Cakemaker
Lighting: Magical Lighting

Serena & Cliff | Crystal Springs & CuriOdyssey Wedding Videography

It was a fun day filled with sly Star Wars references set against beautiful California backdrops. Serena and Cliff share a love (some might call it an obsession) for Star Wars. Their dogs are named R2D2 and Leia. All the groomsmen wore Stormtrooper socks under their dapper gray suits. They even had a little light saber fight with their wedding party while we were hanging out in the woods. Star Wars aside, we all got to see how the couple’s love blossomed for each other, with a hilarious and heartfelt video of Cliff’s elaborate adventure-scavenger-hunt proposal for Serena and his surprise performance as he serenaded Serena with his groomsmen backing him up. A truly special day as these two embark on their next epic saga together.

Serena & Cliff | A Star Wars Themed Wedding from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:

Videographer: Seaglass Cinema
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography
Ceremony Venue: Crystal Springs Golf Course
Reception Venue: CuriOdyssey
Hair & Makeup: Amanda J Artistry
Florist: Absolute Elegance
Catering: Miraglia Catering
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal
Cake & Cupcakes: Short Street Sweets
Photo Booth: Night Owl Photobooth

Rebecca & Dave | Monterey Beach Wedding Videography

All throughout Friday and up until the morning of the wedding, dark clouds doused the area with a hearty bout of rain– much-needed for the drought-ridden state of California, but much-dreaded for Rebecca and Dave’s dreams of a wedding on the beach. We were all ready to be good sports about it all. The wedding would be perfect, rain or not. But with a stroke of good luck (or was it a favor called in by Dave’s Episcopal-priest-mother?) the rain stopped, as if on cue, right around noon. As the girls were getting ready, we looked out from the balcony and could see the rows of white chairs being set out on the beach in the distance. They would get their outdoor beach wedding after all. And yes, it was perfect.

Rebecca & Dave | 11.01.14 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Seaglass Cinema
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography
Venue & Catering: Del Monte Beach House, Monterey, CA
Hair: Jen Thomas, Thomas Dawson & Co
Makeup: Ashley Box
Florist: Elegant Affair
Dress: Blue by Enzoani
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bill Levkoff
DJ: Beachcomber Kelley
Cake & Cupcakes: Sift Desserts

Adrienne & Jenton | Purple Orchid Resort | Livermore Wedding Videography

Adrienne and Jenton are quirky, a little silly, and perfectly suited for each other. Their wedding day was a beautiful testimony to their uniqueness as a couple, and the personal touches like their custom wedding ceremony, Jenton singing their own first dance song, and a moving tribute to Jenton’s late father made for an unforgettable day.

Adrienne & Jenton | 10.18.14 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:

Videographer: Seaglass Cinema
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography
Venue: Purple Orchid Resort
Hair & Makeup: Prettyologie
Florist: DIY
Catering: Bonvivant Catering
Dress: Nouvelle Amsale
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Lela Rose
DJ: Big Fun DJs
Cake: SusieCakes


Katherine & Josh | Los Altos History Museum | Bay Area Wedding Videography

Katherine and Josh met when they were both in post-bac programs for medical school in Boston. They went to medical schools an hour apart, but afterwards both matched with the same intern program here in California. Nowadays when they’re not busy saving lives, their free time revolves around their little corgi pup Scout, who had a nice little guest star role at the wedding.

Katherine & Josh | 09.28.14 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:

Videographer: Seaglass Cinema
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography
Wedding Venue: Los Altos History Museum, California
Hair & Makeup: Ann Ho, A List Makeup
Florist: My Wedding Sense
Catering: Continental Caterers
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Ann Taylor
Coordinator: Brilliantly Beautiful Events
Cake: Satura Cakes

Mandy & David | Pebble Beach Golf Course | California Wedding Videography

Mandy and David flew all the way from NYC to be wed at the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Course right along the Pacific Ocean. True to their style, the wedding was elegant yet laid back. The combination of gorgeous weather, rolling greens, and the sound of waves crashing gently along the coast made for the perfect wedding day.

Mandy & David | 8.23.14 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Seaglass Cinema
Venue: Pebble Beach Golf Course, California
Hair and Makeup: Nellie Muganda
Florist: Pebble Beach
Catering: Pebble Beach
Dress: Oscar de la Renta
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: J. Crew
DJ Musicians: Mixx Company
Wedding Cake: Pebble Beach
Coordinator/Planner: Coastside Couture (Karissa Paxton, Heidi Hughett)
Photographer: Samuel Lippke
Aerial Videography: Archer Koch

BTS: Interview with Anna of Seaglass Cinema

Hello! This is Pei, Seaglass Cinema’s social media manager. The end of the year is always a good time for reflection so I thought it would be nice for us to take a look at Seaglass behind the scenes. Below is my interview with photographer Anna Wu, who owns and shoots with Seaglass.

Pei: Hey Anna! Let’s jump right in. Photographs are a great way to capture the bride and groom at their best, but videos have become more popular as well. What are some of the benefits of having a wedding video?

Anna: I think the greatest benefit of cinema is its ability to tell an immersive story. I love seeing that more and more couples are considering it for their weddings. A great wedding video can draw you in and make you a part of the day, whether you were there or not. Plus, with video, we are able to capture the vows, the speeches, and the dancing for posterity in a way that you just can’t get with photography. It adds a whole new dimension to documenting your story. So often, we hear couples tell us they weren’t initially planning on video but are so glad they got it or couples who didn’t get video and have that as their number one regret.

P: For those who don’t want the regret of not having a video and are looking for a videographer, how would you describe Seaglass’s style?

A: I love the notion of sea glass– old glass tumbled by the ocean– for its rough edges made smooth or the ordinary made extraordinary. Our style is polished, with a simple elegance. It is not glossy or manufactured to perfection, but instead, it is beautiful in a raw and seemingly effortless way. I hope that each film we create is a unique piece that can be treasured for years to come.

Mairin & Nikhil, June 2013

P: Every couple and their story is unique. How do you ensure that important moments are captured? What is the client experience like when they work with Seaglass?

A: It’s so important to me to get to know each of my couples, and I think the key to that is asking questions and listening. Before we book each wedding, I start asking about who they are and what they love. It isn’t all about the wedding day itself either– to me, I want to reflect who they are just as much as I want to capture the details of this one special day in their lives. In preparation for the wedding, I also send clients a detailed document with questions asking about what is most important to them– for example, the flower girls are their nieces and it’s really important that we capture them! Or their grandmother was unable to travel to the wedding, but the bride will be wearing her grandmother’s pearls. These are some of the personal stories that we might easily overlook if we just didn’t take the time to ask about them. We can then transfer these thoughtful details into layered final films that not only capture a single day but create lasting journals of a love story

P: Seaglass recently turned three. Congratulations! You have 31 videos under your belt and have been featured multiple times on iconic wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty . What were some of your thoughts and feelings on the first day, and how have they changed since then?

A: We started Seaglass as three friends who loved videography, and we grew the company very rapidly, from shooting two weddings that first year to shooting eleven the next. The business has changed from year to year, and I am now the sole owner of the studio with multiple videographers, but I have learned so much from day one. Since I come from photography, I learned a lot of video-specific skills on the technical end too. I think the best thing about Seaglass is that we have always remained very flexible and have had the luxury of working with our clients for the love of it. We shoot a very limited number of weddings each year so that we can always keep our priority on telling each story well. In that sense, the core of Seaglass hasn’t changed much at all, from wedding number one to the future weddings we’ve yet to shoot. But we continue to hone our craft and get better every year.

P: Wow! Going from two weddings in your first year to eleven the next is a huge jump! What would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about weddings from your unique point of view?

A: I think the biggest lesson would be an overall mindset that weddings should be about the experience of the day more than the stuff of the day. We have filmed such a diverse array of weddings, from huge, expensive galas to intimate DIY affairs, but it’s not the budget that makes the wedding. I think our best weddings films are the ones with the most emotional content– it’s the genuine reaction we get when a groom sees his bride for the first time, or the father that tears up at every turn, or the hilarious flower girl who’s making ridiculous faces during the first kiss. It’s hard to sit down and watch a generic montage of wedding scenes, but it’s a joy to watch human emotions unfold.

Emma & Phil, July 2013

P: With Seaglass Cinema you’ve had the opportunity to go all over the United States. Of those venues, which is your favorite and why?

A: It’s really hard for me to pick favorite venues since traveling is one of my biggest loves. It’s such a joy to shoot weddings in places that I would never have visited otherwise. Our first Seaglass wedding was in a gorgeous theater-like ballroom in Indianapolis. We’ve visited so many beautiful ranches, gardens, and vineyards in Northern California, and one of our weddings this year was set in a modern building right on the beach in San Diego. I love them all!

P: Any wedding tips you’re hanging onto for when your own big day comes? 🙂

A: This is a question my friends ask me a lot in conversation, haha. I have definitely seen a lot of different weddings, and I think it’s shaped both my overall philosophy about weddings and also the little pragmatic considerations that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

I think my biggest tip on the practical end would be to design a good timeline. The schedule of the day is more important than most people realize. Allot enough time in the day for everything, and then add buffer time. Weddings are so much less stressful when there’s just extra time to enjoy the day and people aren’t running around frantically. And for your videographer, more time also means more room for creativity and depth in their storytelling.

I’d also want to hire vendors that I trust so I don’t have to worry about anything on the day of. Basically, I would do everything I could to ensure my guests and I can have a great experience without getting mired in all the details of the day.

Karen & Sam, September 2013

P: Last question. Anna, you always carry a pouch labeled “wedding emergency kit” in your camera bag amongst all the lenses and extra batteries. How prepared! Did something happen that inspired you to create the kit? What do you keep in it?

A: The wedding emergency kit is awesome! It basically started because I’m always around when someone yells out, “does anyone have scissors?” The funny thing that people don’t realize is that it’s us photographers and videographers who are always around when things are happening (it’s kind of our job to be there, anyway). So after a while, I just started collecting useful items and keeping them on hand. The things that get used most often are definitely the scissors– there are always tags or strings to be cut. Other things in my kit include tissues, a stain remover, double-sided fashion tape, mints, bobby pins, and Tylenol. I’m usually the one using the Tylenol because I always forget to drink enough water and get dehydrated throughout the day. Oops! But it’s always nice to be thoughtful and prepared, even down to the fine details!


A big thanks goes to Anna for doing this interview! For those of you who don’t know, Anna is also a wedding photographer based in San Francisco, but always willing to travel. I hope this interview was as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to interview Anna. Feel free to return to the main page to watch some wedding videos! Seaglass Cinema has also done a few side projects for fun. Check out a “Second Thanksgiving” video about Friendsgiving and music video for There’s Talk. Happy holidays!

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Karen & Sam | Ohio Statehouse | Columbus Wedding Videography

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, Karen and Sam were wed in the rotunda of the Ohio Statehouse (literally) surrounded by their guests. Incidentally, the officiant was the groom’s father, which made for a uniquely intimate setting. Pastor Brown couldn’t resist the chance to poke a little fun at his relationship with his son. Seems like Sam played computer games quite a bit in his youth! But Pastor Brown took great care in sharing his wisdom of marriage and the words given by God, with Karen and Sam; “trust and be loyal.” With those words instilled in them and some hilarious stories told by the best man and maid of honor, the newlyweds went on to dance the night away with their family and friends!

Karen & Sam | 9.14.13 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:

Videography: Kevin Yau, Steve Wang, Seaglass Cinema
Editing: Kevin Yau, Seaglass Cinema

Venue: The Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio
Hair & Makeup: Charles Penzone Grand Salon
Florist: Rose Bredl
Catering: Milo’s
Dress: Jasmine Bridal
Bridal headband: Deloris Petunia
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: J.Crew, Bill Levkoff, Donna Morgan
Tuxes: Black by Vera Wang (Men’s Wearhouse)
Ceremony DJ: George Baum (Brown family friend)
Reception DJ: DJ Phil
Wedding Cake: Golden Delight Bakery
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography

The bride and groom are good friends to us here at Seaglass so we were thrilled to capture their special day for them. Congratulations, Karen and Sam!

Joyce & Keven | Nestldown | Los Gatos Wedding Videography

Keven loves that Joyce orders two hot dogs for herself, but not just from anywhere. They’re hot dogs from Top Dog of Berkeley, where Keven and Joyce had their first date. Since then the years have been filled with new jobs, adventures, homes, and a yard full of chickens at one point. Joyce even went to India, but when she came back Keven was waiting for her to not only say “yes” to some Top Dog hot dogs, but also “yes” to the rest of their lives together.

Joyce & Keven | 9.1.13 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:
Videography: Kevin Yau, Anna Wu, Seaglass Cinema
Editing: Kevin Yau, Seaglass Cinema

Venue: Nestldown, Los Gatos, California
Hair & Makeup: Esther Yoo
Florist: Koun Han, Farmgirl Flowers
Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: ASOS
Coordinator: Mattie Mott, Nestldown Plus
Catering: Toast Catering
Hot Dogs: Top Dog, Berkeley, California
Cake: Tartine Bakery
DJ: Elite Entertainment
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography