Building a Home | Los Angeles, CA

I love the holiday season – the mood, the general feeling of generosity and warmth, and especially the opportunity for family and friends to be together.  Thanksgiving is a perfect lead-in for this season, and the abundance and availability of food and flavors helps to emphasize all of that.

Second Thanksgiving came about a couple years ago when two of our friends were planning to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family, but due to inclement weather, ended up being unable to make it and thus, didn’t get any food.  Given how much I love Thanksgiving food, I felt it was too much of a tragedy for them to go without, and so we collectively decided to cook a second Thanksgiving dinner the next day with a whole turkey and all of the sides.  I was especially happy to oblige, since it was these friends who had just gotten Jenny and I a nice roasting pan for our wedding gift and this was another chance to use it!

Two years later, while making plans for what is now an annual tradition, our friend Jon bought a very large conference table (4 feet wide, 8 feet long!) off of craigslist with the intent of putting it in my back patio.  The plans for Second Thanksgiving only escalated from there, with Jenny and Pei’s love of crafts, Jenny’s desire to reuse supplies from our wedding, and Anna’s love of planning.  Jon and I topped it off by buying lumber and building two very heavy benches to fit the table.

What resulted was an amazing event with 16 close friends from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even Chicago, beautifully set up and well catered (by ourselves).  So much hard work went into building this up, and we were blessed to have the ability to document truly turning a house into a home.  I’m grateful for the efforts and presence of such wonderful friends and the chance Anna and I got to create a film that we’re incredibly proud of and are excited to share with everyone.

Seaglass Cinema has had a great 2012, and we are already looking forward to 2013!  Wishing you a happy and safe holidays!




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