Gotta Snag You | Sun & Elliot | Alice Millar Chapel, Evanston, Illinois

Their story starts with high school prom, but after that, Sun and Elliot went their separate ways and didn’t see or speak to each other for years. They had another chance encounter when they both attended a wedding, but it was still not their time.

It wasn’t until a few more years later, when Sun was in Chicago and Elliot had just moved to San Francisco, that they finally started their relationship. But as if long distance across half the country was not enough, they then had to take their relationship across the ocean. Sun asked Elliot, You know I’m going to Vietnam for a year…? and yes, he knew. In truth, he knew. They already had one too many missed connections, and he wasn’t about to let her slip by. Within the first few months, he had already planned out the next couple years– she goes to Vietnam, he visits, and they travel to Korea together in the next winter to visit her parents, he proposes, she moves to San Francisco the next summer, and then they get married.

And that’s exactly how the story unfolded. On a beautiful day in Evanston, Illinois, they were wed!

Wedding Vendors:

Videography: Kevin Yau, Steve Wang, Seaglass Cinema
Editing: Kevin Yau, Tim be Told, courtesy of the artist
Photography: Anna Wu Photography
Getting Ready Venue: Orrington Hotel, Evanston, Illinois
Ceremony Venue: Alice Millar Chapel, Northwestern University
Reception Venue: Women’s Club of Evanston
Hair: Art + Science
Makeup: Sami, Sonia Roselli
Catering: A-La-Carte
Dress: Marisa
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Watters
DJ: Roberto Monastero
Cake:JR Bakery



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